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This amateur writer/blogger is a journalist, one who writes and believes in the power of entries to diaries/journal and one who wrote once for a university’s student pub (-lication) in her glory days. She claims to be a connoisseur in being a couch potato. Her laptop and handheld phone are her closest and immediate friends. Despite her very crowded social/technical circle, she is fortunately not single. Not that she’s fooled herself that whoever comes this way and read her words would woe her, but that she’s ecstatic to declare that the world’s genuinely generous to pair her up with another couch potato. Maybe they’ll create more couch potatoes to rule and dominate this world one day. We never will know. Before, her Facebook page was her oyster. Before that, the world used to be. At the moment, she’s realized that one doesn’t stay too long in one thing and one place. As she hops from oyster to another, she believes that writing is her solidified sand, her pearl. She may not be a pro at it but it held her in one piece. And so she says to one and all, cheers to blogging! Cheers to patching wounds! Cheers to several meaninglessness and nothingness of life! Cheers to awfully crappy days! Cheers to love, to distant love! Cheers to ranting! Cheers to happiness! -foursees


Desperation. Sometimes it’s too much to handle and so one can be very clever in applying it. Being desperate requires so much that it brings out the brilliance in an individual. You breathe it. You dream about it. You make … Continue reading

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Past is past, whatever the hell that means. It is never easy to just cast away the dreadfulness of this past. One can fool himself that he’s finally over and done with it. He puts up a wall around him … Continue reading

Posted in Lies | Leave a comment How can one live if he/she is being swallowed by misery? I had enough. I exhausted myself and I came to the realization that there is absolutely no equality in all this. I cannot be two different persons and … Continue reading

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Si Shiell

Ang blog entry na ito ay isinulat sa Filipino because we do so much talking together using this medium. Roushiell France S. London, para sa’yo to. In one fateful afternoon (‘wag munang mag-ambisyon kasi kahit “seemingly endless” din yun, nakakainis … Continue reading

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Bente-tres and Seksi

Uy maygali 23 na pala ako. 23 na at ‘di pa rin alam kung anong gusto sa buhay. 23 na at di pa rin alam kung san pupunta. Kaloka naman. Dapat we become wiser as we age diba? Eh I … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry For My Generation

“I’d like apologise on behalf of those teenagers who don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and who have never heard of J.R.R Tolkien or Lewis Carroll.”

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It’s two days before I turn twenty-three. On that day, I’ll go about my normal Saturdays. I’ll go to school, do my oral presentation, fake a smile, assume that I’m overly smart for my classes and then go home motivated … Continue reading

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