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Si Shiell

Ang blog entry na ito ay isinulat sa Filipino because we do so much talking together using this medium. Roushiell France S. London, para sa’yo to. In one fateful afternoon (‘wag munang mag-ambisyon kasi kahit “seemingly endless” din yun, nakakainis … Continue reading

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Bente-tres and Seksi

Uy maygali 23 na pala ako. 23 na at ‘di pa rin alam kung anong gusto sa buhay. 23 na at di pa rin alam kung san pupunta. Kaloka naman. Dapat we become wiser as we age diba? Eh I … Continue reading

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I’m Sorry For My Generation

“I’d like apologise on behalf of those teenagers who don’t know the difference between ‘your’ and ‘you’re’ and who have never heard of J.R.R Tolkien or Lewis Carroll.”

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It’s two days before I turn twenty-three. On that day, I’ll go about my normal Saturdays. I’ll go to school, do my oral presentation, fake a smile, assume that I’m overly smart for my classes and then go home motivated … Continue reading

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The Birthday Scheme

Tenen! A while ago a friend phoned me primarily to ask if I was really calling or just checking if his phone was on, and secondly, to narrate his plans for a surprise birthday gift. Well he was sort of … Continue reading

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The Cracks In Life Let The Light Through

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
Realizing that I wouldn’t be who I am nor would I be able to do what I love most without having the cracks in the pavement on my journey is probably the best realization I’ve…

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The Benefits of a Broken Heart

I was told that whatever literature I read or movie I watch would always affect my perspective about their themes. I would be so “carried away”, as how people would commonly put it when one cries too much after watching … Continue reading

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