Strive to be happy

Sometimes it’s just better to take a walk outside with your dog than to sit before your laptop and absorb the world’s negativity from what you read. Your life is already incredibly crazy and reading crazier events in the internet would just make things worse for you. Despite such, everybody tries to look at things differently. All things are sunny. Something wonderful is gonna open in the sky for you. Clouds will clear out. The sun’s gonna cast its rays on your wrinkled skin and penetrate your soul, keep you hopeful. But just when you’re about to lift up your miseries and breathe easy, you are bombarded by the harsh reality you’re in. You open your eyes and suddenly your devils embrace you again.

I am not trying to spoil your happiness or your belief in happiness. I haven’t given up my pursuit for my bright light. Hey, I want happiness too. Who doesn’t? Even one who is on the verge of losing his breath and life entirely, believes that his downfall is for a purpose. That maybe he is bedridden and dying so that others may see that no matter how promising life is, it’s still death for all of us at the end. That death comes unannounced. That he is still fortunate that death gave him a notice, a due date. That he is prepared and has prepared his loved ones about his death.

However, most people are so caught up in whatever worldly task they have that they just don’t care. Some luckily may feel remorse in them and mourn for him who died. Eventually they’ll move on with their lives and he will be forgotten. They’ll die too later. Their memory of him will die with them. Unless they have looked at death the way he did and have impacted others the same way, he died inessentially. But he died believing in happiness.

Most people would say that life is short so live it well. Be happy. Yes, yes, I get it. Be happy with what you have now. With  your circumstances. With the badass people sucking the energy in you and pretending they understand you. With your bills you hardly can pay. The thing is, in being happy about such awfulness is not being happy at all. Did it occur to you that recognizing these realities is also recognizing the trashy feelings that come with them? You cannot brush off these feelings no matter how unwanted they are. You cannot store them somewhere inside your brain hoping you wouldn’t have the chance to recall them. I think one cannot move on from his frustrations and sadness. The brave will deal with them, live with them and their consequences. I think one doesn’t ever finish dealing. There will always be frustrations coming after another. You’ll be caught up in a vicious cycle. You cannot be possibly be happy with all these.

Maybe it should not be “be happy” but STRIVE to be HAPPY. How are they different?

Being happy is saying, “No biggie. Life’s still happy.”

Striving to be happy is saying, “Life’s a bitch. It is surely cruel. I am devastated. But I will live to deal with more of them. I will not escape. I will not end my life even if doing so feels so right. I will take joy in moments I am able to breathe but will live through the moments I am suffocated which usually is most of the times.”

Where is the happiness in the latter? Oh it’s there. It’s really there. Didn’t you still choose to live? To go against the tide? Why did you choose to live anyway?



Sooner, the wind will come to blow.

When you know that, you are striving to be happy then be happy. You cannot declare yourself happy without striving to be happy. Otherwise, you are deceiving yourself. Happiness doesn’t stay in one place all the time. It tours around the world. You have to catch up with its busy schedule. It doesn’t come to you, instead you go to it.

So walk your dog now. When you come back, do not hesitate to read and learn the negativities the world has just discovered or is recycling. Do not dodge. This already is choosing to live.

Strive to be happy.


About foursees

This amateur writer/blogger is a journalist, one who writes and believes in the power of entries to diaries/journal and one who wrote once for a university’s student pub (-lication) in her glory days. She claims to be a connoisseur in being a couch potato. Her laptop and handheld phone are her closest and immediate friends. Despite her very crowded social/technical circle, she is fortunately not single. Not that she’s fooled herself that whoever comes this way and read her words would woe her, but that she’s ecstatic to declare that the world’s genuinely generous to pair her up with another couch potato. Maybe they’ll create more couch potatoes to rule and dominate this world one day. We never will know. Before, her Facebook page was her oyster. Before that, the world used to be. At the moment, she’s realized that one doesn’t stay too long in one thing and one place. As she hops from oyster to another, she believes that writing is her solidified sand, her pearl. She may not be a pro at it but it held her in one piece. And so she says to one and all, cheers to blogging! Cheers to patching wounds! Cheers to several meaninglessness and nothingness of life! Cheers to awfully crappy days! Cheers to love, to distant love! Cheers to ranting! Cheers to happiness! -foursees
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